Beach near Dieppe
The beaches of northern France are beautiful. Quaint towns and villages, white chalk cliffs, rockpools, and pebbly beaches that expose golden sand as the tide changes.

It can be a jolt to the system as you stroll on these idyllic beaches as you round a cliff and come up against what feels like a scene from a science-fiction movie; vast evil-looking concrete structures embedded in the sand at crazy angles.

Gigantic fallen blockhouse, Quiberville
These are the fortified concrete 'blockhauses' built by the occupying German army during WWII into the high chalk cliffs. Erosion of the soft cliffs over the last 60-odd years has undermined them, eventually toppling them onto the beaches below.

Visiting the Blockhouses of Normandy

There are blockhouses all over the coast of Nothern France, but those in Normandy are amongst the easiest to access, and the most spectacular looking. All the blockhouses covered by this site are in the region shown here.

View Blockhouses of Normandy in a larger map

Detailed Locations

Nearest Place Number of blockhouses Visible from the seafront? Accessible
Etretat  2  Yes  Always
Pourville Sur Mer  2  Yes  Low Tide
Quiberville Sur Mer  1  Yes  Low Tide
Veules-les Roses  1  No  Low Tide

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